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“The choice is yours... countless white sandy beaches await you, each one lapped by warm turquoise waters... truly paradise.”

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Watch the swaying palms and feel the breezes cool you on the wilder Atlantic side on Pasture Bay, or go to the famous Macaroni beach to experience a calmer sea. Stroll along Lagoon Bay with the gentle waves of the Caribbean lapping at your feet. Hidden gems include the sublime Gelliceaux and Obsidian beaches. The choice is yours.

Several beaches have picnic hut facilities. Of course, picnics can be arranged by our Butler or Villa Manager at any of Mustique’s secluded beaches.

All the beaches on Mustique are easily accessible by taking a short drive from Toucan Hill with one of the cars provided by the house.

The crashing waves of Pasture Bay
Palm Trees on Lagoon
The calm waters of Lagoon
Sunset on Old Plantation

If you would like to talk to our Villa Manager about a booking or a reservation please contact us via our contact page.