Guest Comments

“Thanks for the wonderful Toucan Hill. What a magical island. Surrounded by water. We will never forget the wonderful place and the wonderful staff. Hard to say goodbye… ’til we meet again.” From a royal family, Saudi Arabia

“When it is cold wet and grey, I shall take comfort reflecting upon my truly wonderful Toucan Hill stay.” From CD, Scotland

“Exquisite Effortless Experience… Solitude. The voyage to Toucan Hill will never end, and shall be played out over and over in my quietest moments, it shall be the place I go for solitude in my mind. To the top of the hill we return! and loved the magic of a second honeymoon at 60, after 38 years of marriage.” From L&T C, Virginia

“There are no words that can properly describe the perfection achieved at Toucan Hill. From the gorgeous, lush and fantastic grounds, to the magical fantasy décor, to the absolutely brilliant staff.” From KR (TV Personality), New York

“Back again for the third time at Toucan Hill and everything was just as good as ever. It is so relaxing being cared for by the top team on Mustique. We are already looking forward to our next visit.” From the Ts, England

“Toucan Hill, a living paradise. A land of fruity cocktails and freezing cold ice. A place where dreams become reality. Cooled by a breeze from the sapphire sea. A Moroccan palace on the top of the peak looking out over the beauty of Mustique.” From CB, Age 13

“This has been one of the best weeks of my life. All the food is great, and the staff are really nice. Toucan Hill is the greatest hill in the world.” From EG, Age 12

“I think this is where you go if you’ve been good in heaven.” From RJ, Cotswolds, UK

“We truly felt as though we were on the top of the world overlooking paradise. What a feeling! Most of all, we thank the incredible staff for making our stay truly magical. A perfect stay, hassle free, with the most wonderful butler in Mustique (without a doubt), and delicious meals. We thank everyone for their amazing hospitality and look forward to coming again soon.” From C&W, Beverly Hills, California