“This is Paradise at its very best.” – First guest, November 2003

We are addicted to this tiny piece of paradise!
The setting is breath taking. The lifestyle luxurious beyond compare and all thanks to the most professional staff in the world. We cannot wait till we return, not once but many times..

From P&J C, Greenwich, Connecticut

Exquisite Effortless Experience... Solitude
The voyage to Toucan Hill will never end, and shall be played out over and over in my quietest moments, it shall be the place I go for solitude in my mind.
To the top of the hill we return! and loved the magic of a second honeymoon at 60, after 38 years of marriage.

From L&T C, Virginia

A lovely magical week in this most superb home.
Our every wish was granted- with grace, style and huge smiles.
Toucan Hill made a much awaited holiday with dear, dear friends something we will recall and talk about forever.

From G&R

The best part about fabulous Toucan Hill is the second time around.
Truly., champagne wishes and caviar dreams. We cannot wait to come back.

From JK, T&B J, Virginia

Thanks for the wonderful Toucan Hill. What a magical island. Surrounded by water. We will never forget the wonderful place and the wonderful staff.
Hard to say Good Bye... 'til we meet again.

From a royal family, Saudi Arabia

To the wonderful staff of Toucan Hill ~ a very heart filled THANK YOU. Your home is beautiful and the attention and care to every detail astounding. Every meal, every arrangement, every moment was incredibly special.

From R&J M, Canada

Words fail me!!!

From DF

Thank you so much for this incredibly special experience! Your house is absolutely beautiful and it comes with an even better staff. I have memories that will always put a smile on my face.

From CM

The Toucan Hill Villa is spectacular and tasteful. The setting - the views- a permanent but moving tapestry of beauty. But it is the people that make Toucan Hill so special and the outstanding FOOD.

From SB, Australia

Thank you again for another exceptional stay at Toucan Hill! I am complimented by your attention to every detail of our time here. I am ever grateful. Til next time.

From BD

What an amazing place- we will be back to the heaven on earth!

From N&C

Two weeks here in heaven being pampered by the Toucan Hill staff. The attention to detail has been amazing! Flowers from the beautiful gardens on our mealtime table and plates, the food was delicious and the parties were such fun. We go home fitter and healthier than when we arrived.

From The Ws, England

We have fallen in love with Toucan Hill! The architectural details are incredible! Those sensational details, coupled with exceptional views and staff... makes our vacation here one of our finest ever.

From The Vs

As the sun rises here in Texas, I hunger for Fornesta's breakfast. What am I going to do without Michele and Susan's day-to-day watch over me ~ they were my angels during our stay. I would be remiss to forget about Osley and his smiles and gentilities for us. Thank you for your genuine devotion and your never-ending kindness during our stay. I miss you all already, and look forward to coming to Toucan Hill again next year.

From BD, Dallas, Texas

Heaven must be like this. Thank you!

From B, New York

3 words – best place EVER!

From The Ts, England

Toucan Hill is truly magical, and I feel so fortunate to have stayed here. My friends back home will hear From me and we will be returning!

From T, Westport, Connecticut

Thank you for a spectacular visit! I can't begin to express our gratitude to all of you at Toucan Hill for the real labor that makes it seem as if beauty has appeared by magic. I am so appreciative to you for creating an environment conducive to such joy. Please convey my heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful staff whose efforts make Toucan Hill a place of divine beauty and comfort. You are the best! Can't wait to see you again -- 'Til next time..

From W, New York

A fantastic holiday. Great food, great wine, great staff. We will hopefully be back soon!

From The Ds, England

Everyone here made our dreams become a reality! We can never thank everyone for the greatest trip of our lives!

From K, New York

Dear Toucan Hill, This is the best house in the world.

From G, Age 10

Amazing, incredible, fabulous, magical, heavenly, beautiful – the list goes on. A holiday to never forget with wonderful friends.

From The Fs, London

There are no words that can properly describe the perfection achieved at Toucan Hill. From the gorgeous, lush and fantastic grounds, to the magical fantasy décor, to the absolutely brilliant staff.

From KR (TV Personality), New York

Back again for the third time at Toucan Hill and everything was just as good as ever. It is so relaxing being cared for by the top team on Mustique. We are already looking forward to our next visit.

From The Ts, England

This has been one of the best weeks of my life. All the food is great, and the staff are really nice. Toucan Hill is the greatest hill in the world.

From EG, Age 12

When it is cold, wet and grey, I shall take comfort reflecting upon my truly wonderful Toucan Hill stay.

From CD, Scotland

A huge thank you to everyone at Toucan Hill. This place really has the WOW !! factor.

From K, England

This place and the super people here have made this simply one of the best weeks of my absolutely awesome incredible life. It was a gathering of the most special people in my life for my birthday and it could not have happened with more beautiful views and finer hospitality. I hope to replicate the experience for my next birthday!

From SH, New York & Washington, D.C.

Gracias! Merci! The experience of Toucan Hill has been quite something, something out of a film! At times I felt as though I was living MTV…and the service was incredible!

From The Bs, England

Pinch me, I'm dreaming! What a place! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

From AJ, Cotswolds, U.K.

I think this is where you go if you've been good in heaven.

From RJ, Cotswolds, U.K.

Toucan Hill is the best villa. Everyone is so nice.

From LG, Age 9

We are seldom rendered speechless — but Toucan Hill is just... well there are no words to describe how wonderful!

From MT

There is no more magnificent place on earth. I’ve spent the week in a state of awe, bliss, joy, flotation, and appreciation.

From CC, Richmond, Virginia

Good to know that heaven is all that it is cracked up to be - Thank you!

From D, Richmond, Virginia

7 perfect days, 6 beautiful friends, 5 excellent staff, 4 lovely rooms, 3 gourmet meals a day, 2 cool pools, only 1 Toucan Hill!

From BM, Powhatan, Virginia

I could never believe that my second visit here could have been any more perfect than my first, but it was!

From A

Thank you for the opportunity to stay at your magnificent home atop Mustique. We truly felt as though we were on the top of the world overlooking paradise. What a feeling! Most of all, we thank the incredible staff for making our stay truly magical. A perfect stay, hassle free, the most wonderful butler in Mustique (without a doubt), delicious meals.... We thank everyone for their amazing hospitality and look forward to coming again soon.

From CW

The best way to describe this island and in particular, your house, is it's like stepping into the pages of your favorite fairy tale.

From S&W W, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Toucan Hill, a living paradise. A land of fruity cocktails and freezing cold ice. A place where dreams become reality. Cooled by a breeze from the sapphire sea. A Moroccan palace on the top of the peak looking out over the beauty of Mustique.

From CB, Age 13

It has been awe inspiring to be able to enjoy the truly world-class facilities here at Toucan Hill. The taste and attention to detail is quite remarkable. Many thanks to the staff who spared nothing to make our stay memorable. We will remember Toucan Hill whenever the conversation turns to the best vacation spots ever.

From The Ts

Once again, you have made our vacation one of the most memorable ever. From your warm hospitality, always present, to magnificent meals perfectly served in stunning settings, to our luscious rooms, to successful cocktail parties and picnics at Macaroni Beach, to ensuring that every arrangement was perfection... and on and on. It was beautiful and fantastic. Thank you for everything, thank you, thank you!

From JE & KM, Beverly Hills

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