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Forbes Luxe Travel (aired on U.S. television on December 18, 2008)
TV broadcast of Forbes top 11 destinations for billionaires

Broadcast entitled “Top 11 Billionaire Playgrounds” destination choices for 2009

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"Toucan Hill is one of the most spacious residences on Mustique, with tradewind breezes and stunning architecture. Enjoy spectacular 360 degree
panoramic views of the Caribbean and the Atlantic from this incredible Moroccan villa on a seven acre hilltop. Mosaic tiled fountains, a spectacular octagonal dining pavilion, a unique domed Mirador, two infinity pools, colonnades and jeweled lanterns all add to the fantasy theme of this stunning palace."


Toucan Hill, Mustique, A Wedding Paradise

"If you want to find romance and fantasy for your wedding, or for renewing your vows, you will not find a more perfect place in the Caribbean. Toucan Hill is the ideal spot to create wonderful memories of your special occasion."

"The Villa Manager can arrange everything for you, handling every detail so you can just come, relax, and say "I do". If you have already said "I do", then come to Toucan Hill to celebrate your honeymoon or wedding vow renewal."

"When nightfall comes, the atmosphere exceeds every need and want that two people in love could possibly have. The views from the Mirador are beautiful and serene, with stars so close you can almost touch them, and moon so bright that no other light is needed to illuminate and warm your cozy, romantic evening. Leave your cares behind and surrender to the unsurpassed beauty, charms, fantasy and tropical breezes of this place called Paradise."


The Best Places To Travel With an Entourage by Christine Drinan

"Toucan Hill is a standout villa .. . ... ... with a Moroccan-inspired theme."


John Cleese Weds 'Soulmate' in Intimate Mustique Marriage Ceremony
The ceremony was conducted by a Methodist minister on the island’s most exclusive villa (Toucan Hill) and HELLO! Magazine was present to capture all its emotional glory.

John & Jennifer on the Pool Terrace at Toucan Hill


The Mustique Company Taps Beautiful Places for U.S. Market Initiative by Joe Pike

Toucan Hill - "Set on the highest point on the island amid seven garden-filled acres, this dramatic Moorish-style home offers 360 views of the island, the harbor, and dramatic sunsets. Each room includes hand-crafted furniture, artwork, lighting, tilework and accessories. Clients may enjoy a variety of cuisines created by one of the island's top chefs served in various dining locations including the villa 's towering Mirador."

FEATURED IN TRAILS.COM - September 17, 2011

Toucan Hill - A Jetsetter Verified Home by Victoria De Silverio, Jetsetter Correspondent

"Wake to the sound of glass beads tinkling, as soft breezes waft through your private pavilion - memories still fresh of the sun rising over the neighboring island of Bequia and sinking behind Rabbit Island."


Abercrombie & Kent Adds Mustique Villas to Portfolio

"For panoramic views of the Caribbean and the Atlantic, Villa Toucan Hill is one of Mustique's premier villas. Styled as a Moroccan Palace, this villa is a romantic Moorish fantasy throughout with mosaic tiled fountains, an octagonal dining pavilion and a unique domed mirador. There are four distinctive bedroom suites offering unsurpassed privacy and tranquility."

MUSTIQUE HOUSES - Volume I (December 2010) - By Mike Toy

Coffee Table Book - Includes photos and article on Toucan Hill.

CITIWEALTH - EDITION 124 (September/October 2010) - By Karen Jones, Editor and Founder

Publication For Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Their Advisors and Wealth Managers.
Article entitled “Upgrade Your Vacation Time with a Week at the Wonderful Island of Mustique”. Includes photos and references of Toucan Hill.


Article entitled “Modernist Mustique: Inside the World’s Most Extravagant Villas”
Includes photos and references of Toucan Hill.

OCEANHOME (January-February 2010) - By Lindsay Lambert

Article entitled “Uncovering Mustique: The Caribbean’s Best-Kept Secret”
Includes references to Toucan Hill and quotes by the owner.

STRATOS MAGAZINE (August 2009) - By David Tyda

Article entitled “An Island Tale".
Includes photos and references of Toucan Hill.

CARIBBEAN LIVING MAGAZINE (2005) - “Touches of Toucan” - By Dianne Wilson

On the very crest of the highest hill on the south-western shore of the Grenadine island of Mustique rests a fabulous Moorish house: "Toucan Hill." Owned by Tatiana and Gerret Copeland, Toucan Hill is a fantasy made true. Over the many years the Copelands holidayed on Mustique, they came to know each of the seventy-five architectural confections on the island. They decided what they liked, what worked, and eventually knew what they had to have in their own Mustique Island home.

It took nearly ten years to complete Toucan Hill. Sculpted concrete with flourishes of exotic Turkish tiles, its Moorish theme was a matter of function as much as one of taste. The Copelands wanted a fantasy, but one that would stand up to hundreds of hot, sunny, breezy days, the occasional hurricane and the caresses of tropical humidity. As the fantasy took form, it evolved into an Ali Baba's Arabian Nights Romance! Tuareg blue on white accents, golden walls the shade of the Sahara sands are used extensively throughout the four fabulous suites.

The owner's private pavilion features a large infinity pool, gold leaf furniture -- including the magnificent custom built king-size bed -- and a dressing room and bath with extensive use of gold leaf and highly polished onyx tile.

One of the most striking features of Toucan Hill is its Mirador. From there in moments of peaceful repose, guests glimpse fragments of distant sails that glint across the sea, or let their gaze fall into a brilliant fiery Caribbean sunset, or spend the night curled up on custom star gazing mats, staring at the brilliance of the Milky Way. Outdoor lighting is subtle, and hundreds of candles, votives and tiki torches are lit at sunset, marking paths and pools throughout the property.

The spectacular dining pavilion overlooks an incredible infinity pool. As genius as the mirror room of Jaipur's Amber Palace, this round dining room has been skillfully painted to match the surrounding seas and sky. Custom paint, flecked with silver, reflects light and makes the delicate blue walls and sky painted ceiling disappear. The floor is a sea blue marble mosaic tile and the table a delicate Indian mother-of-pearl Inlay.

Courtyard gardens complete with mature palm trees and walls of blooming bougainvillea punctuate the property. Feather grass, jasmine, alamanda, lady-of-the-night, firecracker and portulaca are just a few of the flowers and ornamental plants in abundance at Toucan Hill. The Cloister room and indoor gardens are decidedly Moroccan -- complete with columns, mosaics and two fountains, this is an outdoor room that ingeniously features an ancient natural water feature, as rainwater from adjacent rooftops is channelled there, creating a crystalline waterfall of rain.

The Great Room is a ménage of exotics for the senses of texture, colour and scent: tables from Agra, accessories, chandeliers, fabrics and ceramics from Morocco, Turkey, Indonesia and Bali create an orchestral delight not unlike that of a Sultan's palace.

Toucan Hill is a very personal fantasy, but happily, one accessible for others to enjoy.


Coffee Table Book Featuring Toucan Hill in “Just Say Aaah! - Toucan Hill


Article entitled “Mustique: The Private Caribbean”
Includes photos and references of Toucan Hill.

ISLAND LIFE MAGAZINE – Issue 3 (2003) - By Angela St. John

“Morocco Meets Mustique” (Toucan Hill on cover)

On one of the highest points of the island of Mustique sits a magnificent Moroccan “palace”. This contemporary yet exotic home could have been lifted straight off a North African hillside and deposited at the top of Toucan Hill, its namesake.

After purchasing the land seven years ago, the owners consulted with several architects, but they eventually selected Martin J. Rosenblum of the Philadelphia-based firm Lee Deddens Associates, who came up with the idea of a luxurious Moroccan home, built around a central courtyard. Since the Mediterranean enjoys similar weather to the Caribbean, this style of house lent itself perfectly to the tropical climate of Mustique.

At the entrance, a wider outer staircase leads up to plain white double doors, which in turn open into an inner courtyard. This simple entranceway does not prepare the first-time visitor for the opulent interior which awaits him. On entering, there is an instant feeling of peace and serenity, with the indoor garden flowing to the left and right of the entrance. Straight ahead, the huge sliding doors open to reveal a formal living-area and indoor dining area for intimate gatherings and pre-dinner cocktails.

The soft furnishings here are covered in a luxurious red and gold brocade with matching tassels; and the walls are painted in a rich golden hue. In the central foyer, a large glass-topped table takes pride of place. This unusual wooden antique piece is embedded with tiny mirrors and coloured stones in red, purple, green and gold. A massive brass lantern is suspended from the ceiling. This exotic room is tastefully furnished with bright original oil paintings and an array of decorative toucans in glass, ceramic or wood.

A side door opens to a small covered area called the “cloister”… an oasis of calm. Its greenheart roof is made with a trellis of eight-point stars and there is a small fountain in an alcove of brightly coloured tile panels. Traditionally, the courtyard and fountain are the central meeting point in a Moroccan home. Here it is a place for quiet reflection. Walking through the foyer, one is awestruck by the spectacular view over the crescent-shaped infinity pool, to the Caribbean Sea and the western coastline of the island below.

To the left of the pool is a circular, domed, outdoor diving pavilion, with windows all around. A glance upward reveals clouds painted on the inside of the dome, giving the illusion of being outdoors. The wedgewood-blue walls have flecks of silver embedded, which glimmer magically by candlelight. A round table inlaid with mother-of-pearl is surrounded by blue upholstered chairs in a silver frame; a unique candelabra completes this magical gazebo. The floor here is tiled in a rare blue marble, water-cut into interlocking dancing shapes which mimic the movement of the waves in the ocean.

A stroll across the pool deck leads you to the opposite side of the house, where a short flight of stairs ascends to the domed “mirador”. This lookout point offers an even more spectacular view of the island and its coastline below, while an upward glance reveals several stars flecked with gold leaf painted on the inside of the domed roof.

The four guest bedrooms with en suite bathrooms are located on this side of the house. Each room maintains its individuality with its own special theme and complementary furnishings. There is the Toucan suite, the Palm, the Pasha and the Sultan. Each one is richly painted in a different colour and all of them are luxuriously furnished. The Sultan suite is the most exotic, with an ornately carved four-poster bed, exotic drapery and furnishings, and a most unusual wooden corner unit imported from Sarajevo. The bedspread is a mélange of rich browns and beiges, with embroidered throw cushions piled high on top.

The en suite bathrooms are all extremely spacious with generous cupboard areas, the doors of which have hundreds of stars laser-cut into them. Throughout the house, this eight-point star is a recurring motif and it is even cut into the white pickled ceilings as a variation on the theme of the traditional West Indian “tray” ceiling. The bathrooms, complete with gold-toned fittings, are also architecturally interesting with their elliptical arches, so typical of traditional Moorish architecture. A magnificent feature of the bathrooms is the beige-coloured Botticini water-cut marble tile on the floors and also the mirrors, which are beautifully inlaid with different tones of ivory and silver. The suites have two private balconies, each with a panoramic view over the garden to the ocean and the undulating coastline below.

The owner’s suite is completely private and sits apart from the guest suites on the opposite side of the house. This opulent suite could have been transported straight our of a Turkish Sultan’s palace. Taking pride of place here is the ornately carved, gold-leafed, four-poster bed, flanked on either side by a gold-leafed bedside table and a footstool at the bottom of the bed. Ornately beaded cushions in red and gold lend an air of ethnic chic. The beige walls are sponge-painted with a Ralph Lauren iridescent paint whose lustre positively glows at night. Brightly coloured original paintings adorn the walls while the floors are “Jerusalem Gold” stone tiles.

The bathroom is equally luxurious with gold and black onyx tiles laid in an intricate woven pattern on the floor, while the walls are tiled partway up the side in a harlequin-cut golden onyx and trimmed with mosaic by Sara Baldwin of Ravenna Mosaics in the United States. For complete privacy from their guests, the owner’s suite has its own infinity pool and outdoor dining area.

The intimate cerise-coloured television and games room is simply, yet comfortably furnished and for those who feel they must communicate with the outside world, there is a high-speed internet connection and fax machine. However, for the most part, the outside world is forgotten in this little corner of the Caribbean. Cellular telephones are preferably left at home and there are no visible telephones to disturb the peace: these are only produced by special request. One could almost feel alone in the world here.

Not to be forgotten is the state-of-the art stainless steel kitchen, where gourmet meals are prepared to perfection by property manager-cum-gourmet chef Rahul Chakraborty, using the finest ingredients available. Trained in the art of fine French cuisine, he guarantees that the food and the service here equal that of any five-star restaurant in the world. He should know, as he has worked in at least four of them, from Canada to Australia. No stranger to high-profile clients, he has worked at the Canadian Prime Minister’s residence in Ottawa, cooking for foreign dignitaries. He proudly proclaims that “A guest can stay at Toucan Hill for 10 days and never see the same china pattern twice. We have at least 33 different varieties of china.”

Most of the meals here are served outdoors to take advantage of the cool ocean breezes. In fact, there are several areas that can be quickly prepared for dining “alfresco”, but there is a covered patio where most meals are served. All of the comfortable outdoor furniture is made of a bronzed powder-coated aluminium and covered in a durable yet attractive fabric. Mediterranean homes are traditionally painted white in order to remain cool in the hot climate; so too is Toucan Hill, but there are splashes of colour everywhere. All of the outdoor columns have a rim of violet-blue around them, both near the top and the bottom and several of the plain white outdoor walls are decorated with trees or flowers in the form of colourful tile panels, imported from Morocco. Even the numerous brass light fixtures are embellished with stones of various colours.

Although the gardens are not yet fully established, there is already a carnival of colour all around. Several large ceramic pots spill out tropical flowers of every shade and description and strategically located garden beds create a riot of colour amidst the palms and manicured indoor lawns.

No expense has been spared and no detail has been overlooked in the creation of this magnificent property. Toucan Hill is really a dream come true for its owners; and for anyone else who wants to experience its special magic, it is available for rental through The Mustique Company.

If you would like to talk to our Villa Manager about a booking or a reservation please contact us via our contact page.