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“The spectacular dining pavilion overlooks an incredible infinity pool. As genius as the mirror room of Jaipur's Amber Palace, this round dining room has been skillfully painted to match the surrounding seas and sky. Custom paint, flecked with silver, reflects light and makes the delicate blue walls and sky painted ceiling disappear. The floor is a sea blue marble mosaic tile and the table, a delicate Indian mother-of-pearl inlay.”

from "Touches of Toucan" By Dianne Wilson

“…incredible views and food!”

CW, England,

“Such a beautiful place – amazing views, delicious food, warm and friendly people – everything was perfect.”

The B’s

Thank you for making this the perfect week in paradise. The delicious food, impeccable service, and creative place settings have made every meal a memorable event.”

C&W, Beverly Hills

Horizontal Rule

The culinary delights at Toucan Hill are always creative and succulent. The chef uses a lot of fresh produce and fish which helps support local farms and fishermen, and results in the best tasting cuisine in the Caribbean!

Why not have breakfast by the pool? Try Fornesta’s famous pancakes, banana bread, or chocolate & coconut waffles. Of course, there’s always a healthy option - homemade yogurt, fruit, honey and granola.

For lunch try a Gazpacho Soup served with Toucan Hill’s Garden Salad with Seared Scallops. The Villa Manager can arrange for a picnic on the beach, or if you prefer, you can take your own vehicle and find a secret hideaway.

In the mood for a Caribbean cocktail? The butler will conjure up the house drink called a “Pash Touc” or maybe a glass of champagne and passion fruit juice. Drink it while relaxing up on the Mirador, the highest point on Mustique, where the views are breathtaking.

Ready for dinner? You may want to start with a Grilled Shrimp Kebab with Mango Sauce followed by Broiled Fresh Fish with Jasmine Rice in a Ginger Sauce and steamed local vegetables such as christophene.

And for dessert... try a chocolate fondant, or a homemade sorbet made from local fruits, such as guava, passion fruit or soursop, served in a vanilla wafer basket. The house specialty is ginger ice cream. The choice is yours…

Culinary Details

If you would like to talk to our Villa Manager about a booking or a reservation please contact us via our contact page.