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“The Great Room is a ménage of exotics for the senses of texture, colour and scent: tables from Agra, accessories, chandeliers, fabrics and ceramics from Morocco, Turkey, Indonesia and Bali create an orchestral delight not unlike that of a Sultan’s palace.”

from "Touches of Toucan" By Dianne Wilson

This place and the super people here have made this simply one of the best weeks of my absolutely awesome incredible life. It was a gathering of the most special people in my life for my birthday and it could not have happened with more beautiful views and finer hospitality.

SH, Washington, DC

Gracias! Merci!  The experience of Toucan Hill has been quite something, something out of a film! At times I felt as though I was living MTV.

The B’s, England

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The pool-side Terrace, cooled by tropical breezes, makes a wonderful venue for a cocktail party. Imagine your friends toasting a special occasion as the amber sun slips towards the distant horizon, reflecting in the shimmering infinity pool. So go ahead and feel like you have arrived at a place you have only dreamed about, a place of sheer romance and fantasy. The Covered Terrace, with its bubbling fountain, has an enchantment all of its own.

If you are in the mood for some fun, the staff can arrange several themed dinners, including a Mexican, French or Caribbean Night. The Villa favourite is the Moroccan-themed feast. The butler will welcome you in traditional Moroccan attire. Your meal will consists of 6 sumptuous courses - served in authentic Moroccan dishware -- complete with belly dancing music to round off an "Arabian Night in Mustique." An evening to remember.

Fantasy Arabian Nights
Drinks by the pool at Toucan Hill
Wonderful Parties

If you would like to talk to our Villa Manager about a booking or a reservation please contact us via our contact page.