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“Getting away from it all... For us, this is what Toucan Hill is all about.”

JD & CD, Scotland

“There is no more magnificent place on earth. I've spent the week in a state of awe, bliss, joy, flotation, and appreciation. Thank you for dreaming up such a magical place. We spent a wonderful week among friends that I remember always.”

CC, Richmond, Virginia

“Once again, you have made our vacation one of the most memorable ever. From your warm hospitality, always present, to magnificent meals perfectly served in stunning settings, to our luscious rooms, to successful cocktail parties and picnics at Macaroni Beach, to ensuring that every arrangement was perfection... and on and on. It was beautiful and fantastic. Thank you for everything, thank you, thank you!”

JE & KM, Beverly Hills

Horizontal Rule

Lazy days are hard to come by, but at Toucan Hill, they can be in abundance if you so choose. There are many ways to enjoy your lazy days at Toucan Hill – let the staff make it happen for you.

Relax by the pool, take in the mesmerising views, sunbathe up on the Mirador deck, shelter from the midday sun on the sumptuous chairs under the terrace umbrellas. Find that space that you can call your favourite place to have your gin and tonic. Spend luxurious time with your friends and family. Ask the staff to serve lunch in your favourite spot. Laughter, smiles…

Watch the waves crest on the sea’s surface below. Follow the yacht as it heads down the shimmering waters towards Canouan. Wonder at the vastness of the Caribbean Sea as the sun sets with another crescendo of warms colors. Time for dinner already?

Serenity, Peace, Quiet, Calm.

Fantasy Arabian Nights
Relaxing by the pool at Toucan Hill
It's about being together
Relaxing by the pool at Toucan Hill

If you would like to talk to our Villa Manager about a booking or a reservation please contact us via our contact page.