Lazy Days

Lazy Days

Lazy days are hard to come by, but at Toucan Hill
they can be in abundance if you so choose.

There are many ways to enjoy your lazy days at
Toucan Hill – let our staff create a magical stay for you.

“Magic, fantasy, and romance.”

Those are the words that everyone uses about Toucan Hill.

Toucan Hill is a luxurious Moorish villa, perched high above the tropical greenery of Mustique; an island as intimate and exclusive as it is beautiful and romantic.

Relax by the pool, take in the mesmerizing views, sunbathe up on the Mirador deck, or shelter from the midday sun on the sumptuous chairs under the terrace umbrellas. Find that space that you can call your favorite place. Spend luxurious time with your friends and family. Ask the staff to serve lunch in your special spot.

Laughter, smiles…

Stroll around the gardens surrounding Toucan Hill’s pavilions, and enjoy the breath-taking views and the tropical flowers, such as “Jump-up-and-Kiss-Me” or the suggestive “Ladies of the Night”. The gardener’s love and dedication to the grounds is evident everywhere you look.

The pool-side terrace, cooled by tropical breezes, makes a wonderful venue for a cocktail party. Imagine your friends toasting a special occasion as the amber sun slips towards the distant horizon, reflecting in the shimmering infinity pool. So, go ahead and feel like you have arrived at a place you have only dreamed about, a place of sheer romance and fantasy.

What’s for lunch…?

What’s for dinner…?

Lazy Days

Luxury travel defined by a spirit of adventure, enchantment, fantasy, passion and excitement can all begin with your unique stay at Toucan Hill. Even if you are used to luxury travel, there is a special atmosphere in the house — a spirit of romance and fantasy — that really is unique.

What Our Guests Say

“The best way to describe this island and in particular, your house, is it’s like stepping into the pages of your favorite fairy tale.” S&W W, West Chester, Pennsylvania

“7 perfect days, 6 beautiful friends, 5 excellent staff, 4 lovely rooms, 3 gourmet meals a day, 2 cool pools, only 1 Toucan Hill!” BM, Powhatan, Virginia

“What a totally perfect week. We shall always remember Toucan Hill as a place of fun, laughs, sun and happiness.” The Ms

“Pinch me, I’m dreaming! What a place! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” AJ, Cotswolds, UK

“There is no more magnificent place on earth. I’ve spent the week in a state of awe, bliss, joy, flotation, and appreciation.” CC, Richmond, Virginia

“Gracias! Merci! The experience of Toucan Hill has been quite something, something out of a film! At times I felt as though I was living MTV… and the service was incredible!” The Bs, England