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“I think this is where you go if you’ve been good in heaven.”

RJ, Cotswolds, UK

“Thank you for sharing your little glimpse of Heaven. The staff is amazing! This is truly the best and most romantic vacation.”

JC, Charleston, South Carolina

“Toucan Hill, a living paradise. A land of fruity cocktails and freezing cold ice. A place where dreams become reality. Cooled by a breeze from the sapphire sea.
A Moroccan palace on the top of the peak looking out over the beauty of Mustique.”


Horizontal Rule

Each and every romantic night that you stay at Toucan Hill is filled with fun and fantasy. Enjoy an intimate dinner in the Passion Pit overlooking the Mustique harbour, and later, a midnight swim in the infinity pool. Listen to the tiki light flames flutter in the cool breeze. Watch as the moon shimmers towards the horizon.

Start your evening by relaxing in the Living Room while listening to the romantic music of Rachmaninoff or if you prefer, something a little more contemporary or maybe simply the sound of silence. It’s your choice…

In the Dining Pavilion, which seats up to 12 people, silver sparkles in the blue walls reflect the candlelight casting shadows of merriment and mystery, all part of the mystique in Mustique.

Come and experience the romance for yourselves…

Watch the waves crest on the sea’s surface below. Follow the yacht as it heads down the shimmering waters towards Canouan. Wonder at the vastness of the Caribbean Sea as the sun sets with another crescendo of warms colors. Time for dinner already?

Serenity, Peace, Quiet, Calm.

Time for each other
Dancing on the terrace at Toucan Hill
Time for comtemplation
Relaxing by the pool at Toucan Hill

If you would like to talk to our Villa Manager about a booking or a reservation please contact us via our contact page.