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“Courtyard gardens complete with mature palm trees and walls of blooming bougainvillea punctuate the property. Feather grass, jasmine, alamanda, lady-of-the-night, firecracker and portulaca are just a few of the flowers and ornamental plants in abundance at Toucan Hill. The Cloister room and indoor gardens are decidedly Moroccan – complete with columns, mosaics and two fountains, this is an outdoor room that ingeniously features an ancient natural water feature, as rainwater from adjacent rooftops is channeled there, creating a crystalline waterfall of rain.”

from "Touches of Toucan" By Dianne Wilson

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Stroll around the gardens surrounding Toucan Hill’s pavilions and enjoy the breathtaking views and the tropical flowers, such as "Jump-up-and-Kiss-Me" or the suggestive "Ladies of the Night".  The gardener's love and dedication to the grounds is evident everywhere you look.

A walk down the main drive reveals beautiful borders of profuse bougainvillea, luxuriant “Pride of Barbados”, flamboyant trees, white cedars, mature gum trees, and various varieties of palm trees.

For the more energetic, a walk up and around the 10 acres of Bougainvillea Hill (the adjacent property also part of the Toucan Hill estate) reveals a wide variety of fauna with an absolutely stunning view from the top of the hill at the “Temple of Touc” – not to be missed.   On a clear day you can see up the island chain to Bequia and St Vincent.

Dancing on the terrace at Toucan Hill
Time for comtemplation
Relaxing by the pool at Toucan Hill

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