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“We are seldom rendered speechless – but Toucan Hill is just… well there are no words to describe how wonderful!”

The T’s

“What a place to be in love...”

RC & JC, Guernsey

“What a totally perfect week. We shall always remember Toucan Hill as a place of fun, laughs, sun and happiness.”

The Ms

“Thank you for making this the perfect week in paradise. The beauty and serenity of Toucan Hill - and the wonderful people we have met —are sealed in our hearts.”

C&W, Beverly Hills

Horizontal Rule

If you want to find romance and fantasy for your wedding – or for renewing your vows – you will not find a more perfect place in the Caribbean. Toucan Hill is the ideal spot to create wonderful memories of your special occasion.

The Villa Manager can arrange everything for you, handling every detail so you can just come, relax, and say “I do”. If you have already said “I do”, then come to Toucan Hill to celebrate your honeymoon or wedding vow renewal.

When nightfall comes, the atmosphere exceeds every need and want that two people in love could possibly have. The views from the Mirador are beautiful and serene, with stars so close you can almost touch them, and moon so bright that no other light is needed to illuminate and warm your cozy, romantic evening. Leave your cares behind and surrender to the unsurpassed beauty, charms, fantasy and tropical breezes of this place called Paradise.

Being together
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Here comes the bride

If you would like to talk to our Villa Manager about a booking or a reservation please contact us via our contact page.