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On the very crest of the highest hill on the island of Mustique rests a Moroccan - palace called "Toucan Hill". This Moorish villa, complete with elegant colonnades, courtyard gardens, a domed dining pavilion, infinity pool and intimate spaces that open to 360-degree vistas of paradise, is an ideal option for those celebrating a very special occasion, or just looking to spend a week in the most heavenly place on earth.

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Toucan Hill sparkles as one of the most spacious residences on Mustique, with trade wind breezes and stunning architecture. Enjoy spectacular 360° panoramic views of the Caribbean and the Atlantic from this incredible Moroccan villa on a 7-acre hilltop. Mosaic tiled fountains, domed octagon dining pavilion, 2 infinity pools, colonnades and jeweled lanterns all add to the fantasy theme of this stunning palace. Toucan Hill provides guests with every comfort and pleasure.

Sunset from the Infinity Pool
Some interesting facts about the location
Villa Location Highest point on island of Mustique
Plot Size 7 acres
Elevation above sea level 465 feet
Island Location South end of Mustique
Views One of the few properties on the island with 360° views
Garden Design All of the plants and flowers used in the gardens are native to the Caribbean. We preserved many trees and plants during construction of the villa. These include mature gum trees and established white cedars, which now enhance the grounds, act as a habitat for birds and butterflies, and add to the overall ambience of Toucan Hill

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