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Toucan Hill is the perfect choice for your next luxury fashion photo shoot, film or movie location. We invite you to take a look at this website and consider the different options that Toucan Hill offers you and your team.

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Model Wearing Sarong
  • Mustique is an English-speaking private island, with a world-wide reputation
  • Toucan Hill sits on the highest spot in Mustique and has mesmerizing views over the whole of the island and the Caribbean
  • The Villa has:
    • 4 luxurious air-conditioned king-sized suites
    • Service from full time staff of seven: an estate manager, butler, chef, 2 maids, 1 gardener and
      1 houseman
    • 2 infinity softwater pools surrounded by both covered and open terraces
    • Use of 2 vehicles for easy island transportation
    • Satellite TV
    • Wireless internet
  • The décor is opulent throughout and perfect for photographic staging
  • The electricity supply is both 240v UK and 110v US
  • Larger teams can be accommodated in two hotels on the island
  • Mustique has a comprehensive depot for any electrical and mechanical services you may require

Come and have an amazing shoot at Toucan Hill !

Most of the women's wardrobe for this website was provided by Lotty B Boutique in Mustique. We thank Lotty for her assistance during the production of this website.

You can find a link to Lotty’s online shop in the useful links section or you can click here


If you would like to talk to our Villa Manager about a booking or a reservation please contact us via our contact page.