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"…One of the most striking features of Toucan Hill is its rooftop Mirador. From there in moments of peaceful repose, guests glimpse fragments of distant sails that glint across the sea, or let their gaze fall into a brilliant fiery Caribbean sunset, or spend the night curled up on star gazing mats, staring at the brilliance of the Milky Way. Outdoor lighting is subtle, and hundreds of candles, votives and tiki torches are lit at sunset, marking paths and pools throughout the property."

from "Touches of Toucan" By Dianne Wilson

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The owners of Toucan Hill wanted to build a “fantasy” retreat -- a luxurious and peaceful oasis away from the modern world -- that would indulge their love of gardens, spectacular views and dramatic architecture. Its many verandas, balconies and rooftop Mirador present a 360-degree view of the Caribbean and the Atlantic. No matter where you are at Toucan Hill, you are always surrounded by lush gardens and exotic furniture collected from around the world. In one room you will find intricately carved antique wood furniture from Bosnia; in another room, two antique ceremonial drum frames from southeast Asia have been cleverly transformed into tables; and elaborate silver furniture from India becomes the focal point of the Living Room. With an attentive staff of seven at your disposal, it is easy to imagine yourself as a sultan or sultana.

But while the perfectly balanced dance of indoor and outdoor spaces seems effortless, all this romance took ten years of careful planning and is supported by all the conveniences of modern-day life. The Villa is a series of pavilions connected by covered corridors, gardens and courtyards that create a series of outdoor rooms. The pavilions are designed with openings precisely located to frame dramatic views and capture the prevailing ocean breezes. The rooms are further enlivened with the kind of exuberant detailing found in Moorish architecture. Tuareg blue on white accents, golden walls the shade of the Sahara sands are used throughout the four magical suites.

Relaxing at Toucan Hill
Drinks inside at Toucan Hill
Some interesting facts about the location
Source of Tiles Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia
Laser-cut marble Floors Italy & Brazil
Furniture Morocco, Bosnia, India, Thailand
Lanterns Morocco & Syria
Paintings South Africa, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Haiti, Delaware
Silver Mexico
2x 6-ft chandeliers Aladdin Casino in Las Vegas
Woodwork By local artisans, except for laser-cut work - U.S. (such as stars on dressing room doors)
Footprint 20,000 Sq Ft  - 10,000 interior; 10,000 exterior
Timeline Land purchased in 1993; 4 years in the planning; construction began 1997 and continued until  2004
Accommodation 4 bedroom suites & Master Pavilion, Living Room, Dining Room, TV/Library Room, 2 infinity pools
Interior Design and Architecture Owner aided by Martin J. Rosenblum, RA & Associates, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; by Lysy Interior Designs of Wilmington, Delaware and Sedona, Arizona; and by Bruce Palmer Design Studio of Wilmington, Delaware. Construction by James Archibald Designs of Mustique.

If you would like to talk to our Villa Manager about a booking or a reservation please contact us via our contact page.